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Default Phase alignment of DCMs on different boards/devices

Hi group,

Scenario: Multiple identical boards with a Virtex-II each all being
fed the same clock signal which is being fed to a DCM on each device.

Lets assume the clock signal has no skew between the FPGAs and all
FPGAs get powered/configured at the same time (so the clock signals
enter the DCMs in phase).

Will the DCMs achieve lock at the same time and therefore produce
output clocks that are in phase relative to each other on all 4 FPGAs?
Or will the lock time vary? The datasheet says anything up to for
example 120us (for 24-30MHz input, using DLL op) but does this mean a
potential phase difference of 120us between the outputs of the DCMs?

What about when multiplying/dividing or using the CLKFX outputs? Does
that make a difference?

Many thanks for your time,


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