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Default Re: Book Software for XC3190A?

> I have a moderately old copy of Foundation 2.1 around on CD. It is from
> circa 2000, and claims to support the XC3100A family of devices. I think
> Xilinx has the old versions of their software available on their website
> somewhere. But I would agree with others who are trying to talk you out
> of bothering with these old devices.

There are many old links to the Xilinx website to the old software.
But the oldest version that is available is the webpack 3.3 and there is no
more support for XC3000. For a new bigger design there is no question to
use the new devices. But sometimes when I have a little project, the
XC3190A is the right size - and I have over 100 of this...
I would be very interested of a copy of your old copy

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