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Default Re: Book Software for XC3190A?

> Do you have a DOS 3.3 machine to run it on?
No problem!

> A DOS 3.3 SDK?

What is a DOS SDK? Do you mean Win3.1 SDK? I have a MS C 1.0 for Win

> I forget if the XC3190A tools were Windows friendly but they *were* all
> command-line friendly but still not at all a pretty interface. I'm not
> sure you'd be happy with the tool performance if you could get those 1990
> era tools running unless you used the NeoCad tools to up the performance
> of the
> Xilinx software before they bought out NeoCad. You can't get NeoCad keys
> anymore as far as I know.

The problem is the Place&Route Tool and the bitstream generation.
There is no need for a graphical interface.
Do you know the book software or have an idea where I can get the P&R Soft?

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