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Dave Pollum
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Default Re: Book Software for XC3190A?

tuxfriend wrote:
> Hello Peter,
> thank you for the answer. But the XC3190A is big enougth for my small
> projects and the package is good for hand soldering...
> ..and at last I have the parts but not the money
> For any projects I use the XC9536 and webpack 8.1i (21st century stuff!).
> The Book price is about 25eur and even if the Software is not comfortable I
> think its good enougth for my home build stuff.
> That is the reason for my question:
> Can I use the Book Software for my XC3190A?
> Thank you
> tuxfriend
> Peter Alfke wrote:
> > The XC3190A was introduced 15 years ago, which makes it hopelessly
> > obsolete. Even if you find the hardware sufficient (no on-chip RAM!),
> > the software is so antiquated that nobody should be forced to use it.
> > Get yourself a modern chip of Spartan or Virtex caliber and of 2003+
> > vintage. The hardware is cheap, and the software is free, and both are
> > very competent.
> > Happy designing with 21st century stuff!
> > Peter Alfke, Xilinx

If you are concerned about soldering big chips with lots of tiny pins,
there are several things you can try:
1) Some companies (Digilent comes to mind) have CPLDs or even FPGAs
mounted on a board that plugs into a 40-pin 0.6" wide IC socket.
2) You can buy a CPLD or a FPGA development board. They usually have
switches, LEDs, etc plus 0.1" headers that you can use to connect to
your specific circuits. Xilinx's Spartan 3 board is around $100 (or is
it $150?)
3) Use a toaster over plus solder paste to solder SMD chips.
-Dave Pollum

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