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Tony Burch
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Default BurchED FPGA Expansion Modules, 4-for-1 offer

BurchED FPGA Systems,

Expansion Modules, 4-for-1 offer! Limited time!

Buy 1 and get 3 for free!

Unprecedented bargain.

That's right, if you buy 1 unit (any of the expansion modules), you get 3
units absolutely free!

What a great opportunity to get some expansion modules either for your
B5-X300, or perhaps to wire up to another vendor's FPGA board.

If you don't have an FPGA board, why not pick up a B5-X300 and a bunch of
low cost expansion modules at the same time?

This is a BELOW COST sale. We have big stocks of expansion modules & we want
to liquidate some of them so that we can use the cash for our next project.

The range of expansion modules includes Switches, LEDs, 7-Segment-Displays,
Peripheral Connectors (VGA output, keyboard, mouse, serial RS232, plus
buzzer) and the Advanced-Download-Cable (Xilinx Parallel Cable III

Strictly limited time. Sale will end in 10 days. This offer will probably
never be repeated again. We don't think the stock will run out but at
liquidation prices, no one can say.

If you act now you can get an absolutely great deal! Our chance to liquidate
some stock is your chance to get some fine equipment at below cost price.

Order now at our easy secure online form at

Sale will end in 10 days (Tuesday night, 12 May 2006).

There is no limit per customer (for example if you buy 4 units, you will get
16 units - that is an incredible 12 units for free!).

Best regards, Tony Burch

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