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Default Re: Working Altera USB-Blaster compatible design published underGPL

> there are lots of small things...
> Antti

It is very easy for vendors to be SVF compilant.
SVF is well documented, and easy to understand.
A JTAG stream based on SVF is very stable.

The only small things where troubles are coming from vendor is :
- in the FREQUENCY definition in the SVF files,
- in the need to repeat the last scan (SDR SIR) command if it failed.

Our SVF player will have options to auto-detect the frequency, and to
allow the repeat of a scan if it failed.

My long experience with JTAG topic let me say you, it is not so hard to
provide/write a generic SVF Player.

From my experience Xilinx, Altera Lattice generate good SVF files. All
vendor have just advantage to respect SVF specification.

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