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Phil Hays
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Default Re: Book Software for XC3190A?

Josh Rosen wrote:

>If what you want to do is to learn how to design with FPGAs it's not
>necessary to actually build something. My suggestion would be to download
>a copy of Icarus Verilog (it's free) and a copy of the current Xilinx
>Webpack (also free). Do design in Verilog and debug it using Icarus. Then
>you can place and route it using Webpack. 21st century FPGA designers
>don't spend much time in the lab debugging on the actual hardware, the
>debugging is done using a Verilog simulator.

ModelSim XE starter is also a free simulator, and supports both VHDL
and Verilog. Both languages are widely used.

Phil Hays
(Who is leaving on a trip today to get a Xilinx badge, among other

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