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Default Re: Book Software for XC3190A?

Hello Peter,
thank you for the answer. But the XC3190A is big enougth for my small
projects and the package is good for hand soldering...
...and at last I have the parts but not the money
For any projects I use the XC9536 and webpack 8.1i (21st century stuff!).
The Book price is about 25eur and even if the Software is not comfortable I
think its good enougth for my home build stuff.
That is the reason for my question:
Can I use the Book Software for my XC3190A?

Thank you

Peter Alfke wrote:

> The XC3190A was introduced 15 years ago, which makes it hopelessly
> obsolete. Even if you find the hardware sufficient (no on-chip RAM!),
> the software is so antiquated that nobody should be forced to use it.
> Get yourself a modern chip of Spartan or Virtex caliber and of 2003+
> vintage. The hardware is cheap, and the software is free, and both are
> very competent.
> Happy designing with 21st century stuff!
> Peter Alfke, Xilinx

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