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Stephen Williams
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Default Re: Xilinx SystemACE on multi-FPGA board

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> Stephen Williams wrote:
> OK, Xilinx was uniquely unhelpful this time, so I resort to this
> list. My setup is a SystemACE connected to 1 or 2 Virtex2 FPGAs,
> and also to a PPC405GPr running Linux. The second FPGA is optional,
> and when the optional FPGA is installed, the JTAG is rerouted through
> and a different ACE file supplied. The CF card contains a second
> partition where the Linux fs (ext3) lives.

Ed McGettigan wrote:

> Not enough information on your problem.

> 1) In the single Virtex-II case, what does the complete JTAG chain look
> like?


> 2) In the dual Virtex-II case, what does the complete JTAG chain look like?


> 3) Have your connected the DONE pins of the Virtex-II devices together?

Yes. The Init lines are also connected together and to the SystemACE.
I thought at first that they were not, but I was mistaken.

> 4) In the dual Virtex-II case, do both device go DONE?

Yes, although my test for that is to note that them both respond on
the PCI bus, and seem to function properly. Also, I note that I get
the CFGDONE bit in the STATUSREG before I continue from u-boot.
Oh, and they are Virtex-4, not Virtex-II. Although we have a V-II
variant of the board as well.

> 5) Which device is connected to the MPU port of the SystemACE device?

The PPC405GPr, through CS1#.

> 6) What holds the PPC405GPr in reset until both Virtex-II devices have
> been configured?

Nothing, the U-Boot bootstrap loader polls for the CFGDONE bit before
u-boot is allowed to proceed with reading the kernel from the FAT FS.

> 7) What exactly is a PPC405GPr, I think that this is discrete PPC405,
> but which one?

It is an IBM PowerPC405GPr. Part number IBM25PPC405GPR3BB333. We
do not use any internal 405 cores, we use a discrete part that has
PCI, SDRAM controllers, etc. The PCI bus of the PPC connects to
the FPGA[s], so the FPGA devices show up as PCI devices to Linux.

> 8) What exactly does this mean?
> "The SystemACE driver is getting an error that the JTAG configurator
> was unable to read the configuration stream from the CF."

These are the error, status and control register contents when the
Linux kernel discovers the error:

The Linux kernel is 2.4.33-pre1 w/ the mvista SystemACE drivers
for Linux 2.4.

The error messages from the kernel driver are:
CompactFlash write command failed
CompactFlash sector failed to ready
CompactFlash sector ID not found
JTAG controller couldn't read configuration from the CompactFlash

> 9) It sounds like you filed a case with our hotline, what number were
> you assigned?

Case # 628407
(The webcase person asked none of these questions.)

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