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Default Re: Working Altera USB-Blaster compatible design published under GPL

the answer is almost always: Yes/No

all the in-system-programming and JTAG stuff is not as much standard as
it could be.

there have been many attempts to develop vendor neutral or at least
multi-vendor technologies but all attempts have failed so far.

its seems that big boys have big issues playing it nicely in a (common)
sandbox, so almost all vendors have some 'special' things making the
'generic' things not fully useable.

xilinx has XSVF a binary version of SVF, some Xilinx parts can not be
programmed with standard SVF,
lattice has SVF-Plus
altera has its own flavors of JAM/STAPL
actel has its own flavors of STAPL

if you think a SVF player is a SVF player is a SVF player, then no it
same for JAM/STAPL

there are small things that make some the all stuff not fully

sure for some cases it works, works also cross vendor, but there is
absolutly no guarantee.

as example for Lattice XP you need VME player (VME is converted from
SVF) version 11 or above, similarly some xilinx PLDs may require some
special version of XSVF player to work, etc...

there are lots of small things...


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