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Roger Bourne
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Default Xilinx ISE Project Navigator bug

Hello all,

I am running Xilinx ISE Project Navigator 8.1.03i.
There seems to be an intermittent "bug"/"problem" that keeps on
About, once/~hour the program will crash (and lock the project files.
this is not a problem since the project offers the option to unlock the
files upon openning the project...).
However It does get very annoying.
Usually it crashes when I am employing schematic editor.

Also, this migth be unrelated to the above problem, but after several
days/weeks of working on the same project, a new project has to be
reconstructed from the original project's source files for the program
just freezes up after the prompt of the [do you want to unlock the
project?] (P.S When the program hangs, the task manager indicates that
the _pn process eats anywhere from 88MB to 156MB -seems like a little
too much)

Has anyone else experienced this ?

P.S I am running Win 2000, 238MB of RAM, 1.6GHz, P4

Please advise

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