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Brian Davis
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Default Re: Editing Spartan3 DCM in FPGA(8.1.03) editor

Morten Leikvoll wrote:
> >> I can not find anything about these issues. Any clues?

> > The latest versions of FPGA_editor clobber component info on edits.
> > Start with Answer Records 22469, 23035, 21667, 22217

> Sorry, no new clue there (but thanks for trying). I see there is a problem
> which supposedly should be fixed in 8.1.3, but it hasn't.

Well, those Answer Records describe exactly the problems you are
having in editing components, and give workarounds for ISE 7.x

If for some reason you can't drop back to 7.x, you could try exporting
the ncd design into XDL, changing the DCM/IOB settings in XDL, and
converting it back again.


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