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Default Re: Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this code?


The main purpose of this code is to recognise when 'input_signal' is
high and then set 'output_signal' high and then wait for
'output_complete_signal' to be high before setting 'output_signal' low.

The complexity comes into it where 'input_signal' is accompanies by a
data signal and depedant on that data one of many 'output_signals' are
set high and a corresponding 'output_complete_signal' is monitored
instead. However, the structure of the code is the same, just expanded.

Answer, I don't want a 'shift-register' and am not familiar with the
functionality of a 'priorty-encoder'.

The behaviour that you described is exactly how I intended it to

The behavioural simulation operates correctly, I have not done a timing
simulation (and cannot for other reasons).



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