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Default Re: FPGA availability & distribution options.


[email protected]d wrote:
> I read the thread on xilinx online shop issues.
> So how are the other options?
> (Altera, Lattice, Actel)
> - Priceing on small samples / evaluation boards ..?
> - Software is smooth and/or pricey..?
> - Have online shop, or _good_ distributors ..? (I live in Europe)
> - Reliability (silicon & customer relations) ..?
> - Any new fpga manufactor to enter this market soon ..?

Since I see that you are from my old Univeristy in Sweden I might also
give you a hint to the local bible in Sweden ELFA they do have
Max2,Cyclone, Cyclone2 and config memories from Altera in thier
catalog. Not the cheepest way but they take small quantiy orders and
you don't have to be a company to buy from them.
Hope this helps

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