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Default How to apply timing constrains for large bus

Hi all,
I am working on a model which is basically a four bit 50 to 1
mux. There is four such blocks. To save area i am trying to time
multiplex the muxing that is only twi such blocks are created and the
data is latched with high and low levels of the clock. But the delay in
the mux block is such a large value which prevents the time
multiplexing of the signal. Applied "From to " constrain to the input
and output signals of the mux block but the PAR tool reported it as
ignored. It displplayed N/A at the requested and available time for
that group. Why it is like that.
In the timing analyser tool when a request is placed to measure
the delay between the input and output groups is placed it gave no
result. But when the delaye between invidual elements where requested
it gave result. is it necessary to specify timing constrain for each
Is there any other methods by which we can reduce the muxing time.
The inputs of the mux blocks comes from FFs and the output goes to
latch which is controlled by high and low time of clock.
From the timing report it is found that the fanout for the
selection pins of the decoder is very high (50). And this gives the max
delay. Is there any way to tell the synthesizer to insert buffer to
reduce this high fanout. For the mux i am using indexing method like
out = in[sel];
I am stuck with this problem. Also i have little experiance with
the timng analysis. Please help me on this issue. I am working with
Virtex 2 and Xilinx ISE 7.1.
Thanks and regards
Sumesh V S

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