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Jeff Brower
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Default Re: Configuration Rate with multiple .bit files


> I don't know. This is one of the reasons I have always used external
> pci bridges. But I thought there was more time during pci config.

I looked up the PCI 2.3 spec, time to first config access is 2^25
clocks, or about 250 msec at 133 MHz. We have customers though who
prize fast turn-on time, so I'm always looking to get under that 100
msec mark.

> All I can think of is using two config proms or using parallel config
> mode.

2 config proms? I wish. The board is jammed -- 16 layers, blind vias,
lots of things like 201s and 2x3 mm oscillators. Pic of the board is

Parallel config maybe... need to think about that.


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