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Jim Granville
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Default Re: Creating Multiple Configuration PROM File

Antti Lukats wrote:
> "Jim Granville" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> news:[email protected]
>>Antti Lukats wrote:
>>>You right Peter,
>>>I am not fair. The life isnt either.
>>>But I am not making anything up. This is something I do not do. (Sure I
>>>am wrong sometimes, that has happened).
>>>1) All my latest WebCase's are handled from China or at least from people
>>>with chinese names.
>>>2) someone else (I assume from US) reported the same for his 3 last
>>>WebCases, he also called and reached answer machine in chinese.
>>>So thats why I assumed that the _global_ WebCase support has been moved
>>>to China/chinese. What I said was/is true for me as to my best knowledge
>>>of the time of my writing.

>> That's quite a large leap, Antti, from 'Chinese name' to 'Must live in
>>China' - did you check the email time tags, that often gives a clue to the
>>time zones you are working between ?
>> China <-> EU is not the most natural choice ?

> maybe I mis-judged. I havent checked the email header time tags. Some else
> (also having Xilinx issues) was complaining about the answer machine on his
> WebCase contact to respond in chinese, so I checked the names from emails
> and found his assumptions about the WebCases now being handled by people
> with chinese like names to be true.
> Maybe I am too hard at (Xilinx WebCase support) as my issues are usually not
> such that the WebCase assigned person has any chances to help. He always
> needs to contact others and that makes it really long to get some meaningful
> response.

...and I am sure your web cases send a shudder down any novice support

So I do not really have hopes that a WebCase helps if it is not
> 'accelerated' but then ah, it makes possible more sense to immediate
> 'accelerate' the issue, and that is something that Xilinx doesnt like of
> course. But if immediate acceleration of an issue brings the solution even a
> few hours faster then it is a few hours won.
> I am pretty sure that there are people at Xilinx who are thinking very
> seriously how to actually improve the software, support and services so lets
> hope it will get better. There is lots of space for improvements, in all
> areas.

I think your WEB Bug list is a good idea - Yes, we can understand
ISE 8.1i is new SW, and yes there will be issues, but the backward-steps
are the real 'eyebrow raisers'.

Seems they suffer the big-company disease, and become too marketing
dominated ( and worse, start to believe their own PR spin... )

- so nice public examples of user base problems are things the engineers
left within Xilinx can use as leverage to get more resources to do the
job properly, are a good thing.


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