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Antti Lukats
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Default Re: Creating Multiple Configuration PROM File

"Jim Granville" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:[email protected]
> Antti Lukats wrote:
> <snip>
>> You right Peter,
>> I am not fair. The life isnt either.
>> But I am not making anything up. This is something I do not do. (Sure I
>> am wrong sometimes, that has happened).
>> 1) All my latest WebCase's are handled from China or at least from people
>> with chinese names.
>> 2) someone else (I assume from US) reported the same for his 3 last
>> WebCases, he also called and reached answer machine in chinese.
>> So thats why I assumed that the _global_ WebCase support has been moved
>> to China/chinese. What I said was/is true for me as to my best knowledge
>> of the time of my writing.

> <snip>
> That's quite a large leap, Antti, from 'Chinese name' to 'Must live in
> China' - did you check the email time tags, that often gives a clue to the
> time zones you are working between ?
> China <-> EU is not the most natural choice ?
> -jg

maybe I mis-judged. I havent checked the email header time tags. Some else
(also having Xilinx issues) was complaining about the answer machine on his
WebCase contact to respond in chinese, so I checked the names from emails
and found his assumptions about the WebCases now being handled by people
with chinese like names to be true.

Maybe I am too hard at (Xilinx WebCase support) as my issues are usually not
such that the WebCase assigned person has any chances to help. He always
needs to contact others and that makes it really long to get some meaningful
response. So I do not really have hopes that a WebCase helps if it is not
'accelerated' but then ah, it makes possible more sense to immediate
'accelerate' the issue, and that is something that Xilinx doesnt like of
course. But if immediate acceleration of an issue brings the solution even a
few hours faster then it is a few hours won.

I am pretty sure that there are people at Xilinx who are thinking very
seriously how to actually improve the software, support and services so lets
hope it will get better. There is lots of space for improvements, in all

Antti Lukats

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