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Jim Granville
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Default Re: Creating Multiple Configuration PROM File

Antti Lukats wrote:

> You right Peter,
> I am not fair. The life isnt either.
> But I am not making anything up. This is something I do not do. (Sure I am
> wrong sometimes, that has happened).
> 1) All my latest WebCase's are handled from China or at least from people
> with chinese names.
> 2) someone else (I assume from US) reported the same for his 3 last
> WebCases, he also called and reached answer machine in chinese.
> So thats why I assumed that the _global_ WebCase support has been moved to
> China/chinese. What I said was/is true for me as to my best knowledge of the
> time of my writing.


That's quite a large leap, Antti, from 'Chinese name' to 'Must live in
China' - did you check the email time tags, that often gives a clue to
the time zones you are working between ?
China <-> EU is not the most natural choice ?


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