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Antti Lukats
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Default Re: Creating Multiple Configuration PROM File

"Peter Alfke" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:[email protected]
> Antti Lukats wrote:
>> "
>> if nothing helps open webcase, ie the usual path.well as WebCase support
>> is
>> now done from China I doubt if that brings anything.

> Antti, you are smart, energetic, and imaginative, but why do you write
> such nonsense?
> You have no reason to assume that TechSupport for US or Europe would
> come out of China. You just made that up, didn't you ? Hurts your
> credibility!
> Peter Alfke

You right Peter,

I am not fair. The life isnt either.

But I am not making anything up. This is something I do not do. (Sure I am
wrong sometimes, that has happened).

1) All my latest WebCase's are handled from China or at least from people
with chinese names.
2) someone else (I assume from US) reported the same for his 3 last
WebCases, he also called and reached answer machine in chinese.

So thats why I assumed that the _global_ WebCase support has been moved to
China/chinese. What I said was/is true for me as to my best knowledge of the
time of my writing. I did not pay attention to the WebCase email names until
someone else pointed my attention to it, then I looked at my cases and I had
to agree that its all handled by chinese now. Maybe it isnt, and it was just
a co-incident. And sure a superior suport could also be provided from china.
Nothing wrong with.

All I was about to say is that I have even less trust (in timely resolved
issues) from Xilinx websupport then before (before == when EU support was
handled from Ireland and not from China). Maybe China support will be
better, only time can tell that, but for the time being I feel that I am my
best Xilinx FAE as in vast majority of cases I have had to fix the Xilinx
related issues myself.

Like yesterday - I take OPB_SPI core, I set SPI clock ratio, send out 2
bytes to SPI. Works with loopback testing. But with external SPI flash it
doesnt work. After hours and hours troubleshooting I connect oscilloscope
onto SPI clock and what I see? 7 clocks are normal with programmed clock
width then clock pulse of 20 nanoseconds, then again 7 normal clocks and
again 20 nanoseconds pulse. Sure this works with loopback test code provided
with Xilinx.

For heavens sake there should a way to get something as simple as SPI master
to work without the need of connecting an DSO to the FPGA !? I could not
belive that 20ns pulse (1 OPB clock). OPB_SPI is part of EDK for long long
time, how come this is possible? Has anyone used it before ? Ok, later on I
found some xilinx AR as well, talking about clock glitches when data and
clock change at the same time. But when I use EDK, and EDK IP cores, I would
expect that at least the simplest ones really work, without the need of
scoping the signals or searching AR database for related issues. Or is it
too much to hope for?

If you work with Xilinx products then things like that happen every other
day almost.

I talked about this thing with the fellow engineers around, their comment
was: "well thats how they do it, let you to find and fix their problems".
Sure this is how MicroSoft does it. This is why so many hate MicroSoft. I
like FPGA's. I like very much. But my tolerance level of accepting bugs and
erratas is getting lower and lower. I am not getting paid to find bugs. So
arent others who open WebCases and help Xilinx to fix their products and

I have stated many times that I could be very valuable testing Xilinx
software and helping to improve it, I think others here at c.a.f. have made
suggestion that I should have early beta test access. I do not. It took me 3
minutes to cause fatal crash close of ISE 8.1 after it was released. If the
Xilinx Software goes worse the same rate, I will never install ISE 10.1 on
my workstation.

So I am getting more and more frustrated seeing more and more issues with
Xilinx products and services. Issues that take my time. Time that I would
rather spend with my family or just doing my job, which currently isnt bug

I am still energetic, and I would love to use all of my smart imagination to
improve Xilinx products, but being on the field and just fighting with the
Xilinx bugs (while it isnt my job) is not helping Xilinx much. It hurts.

I would like to help, but I just dont how.

I have setup open public access bug tracker database where I will enter all
the bugs with Xilinx products that I will find. In a small hope that it
helps others to save their time to avoid the issues or apply workarounds if
those are available.

Antti Lukats

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