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Antti Lukats
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Default Re: Creating Multiple Configuration PROM File

"Rob" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:[email protected]
> All I want to do is change the select bits on the PROM, initiate a
> configuration cycle, and have the FPGA loaded with a new/different
> configuration. Is this possible? If so, how does one create an .mcs file
> with two configurations? Or is it another file extention?

well that is where you need external microcontroller or PLD to select
between active config

you can also select by jumpers but you can not select from FPGA which
revision is loaded from Platform Flash

the revision select pins must be controlled by some additional circuitry !!

if you wire them to the FPGA then they are reset to defaults and you can not
select which config is loaded

so if you are happy with jumpers selecting the config then its all ok, just
add 2 revisions to the PROM when writing it and connect a swithc or
jumpers to the rev select pins of the PROM


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