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Antti Lukats
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Default Re: Disabling Xilinx clock enable usage...

"johnp" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:[email protected]
> I'm working on a high speed design in a Xilinx V2Pro and I'm running
> into a timing
> problem. Instead of packing logic into LUTs, XST wants to use the
> Enable
> signal in the CLB. To use the Enable, it needs to use an extra LUT to
> create
> the Enable signal, so I get routing delays and an extra CLB delay.
> Here's some sample code:
> req [3:0] sig4;
> wire [3:0] sig3;
> always @(posedge clk)
> if (sig1 & ~sig2)
> sig4 <= sig3;
> Xilinx could fit this into 4 CLBs total by simply using the 4 LUTs and
> the 4 flip-flops.
> Each LUT would handle one bit of sig4.
> Instead, XST uses a LUT to create (sig1 & ~sig2), then feeds that
> output to the
> Enable pins on 4 flip-flops. I now get the delay through the LUT and
> routing delays
> to my flip-flops.
> Any way to tell XST to not use the Enable signal and force it to use
> the LUTs for
> this section of logic?
> Thanks!
> John Providenza

Hi John,

in your example XST does exactly what it should do given your code.

if you want the synthesis to avoid using clock enable then you should
rewrite your code


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