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Simon Peacock
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Default Re: Storing a file onto FPGA (the last word)

well if it can't be taught in schools.. shouldn't the schools get a student
to write a better one ??


"backhus" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi John,
> ...and I spent so much time with that nasty data2mem tool... :-(
> But it's good to hear that an alternative and more straightforward
> solution exists, even if it's limited to XILINX.
> The bad thing is that it can't be taught in VHDL courses unless it is
> supported by many (at least the important) tool vendors. Until then we
> have to deal with questions like that of Robert.
> I hope this feature finds it's way into VHDL 20xx and will be supported
> by more tool vendors much earlier.
> Thank you John for the information. (And to the XILINX programmers as
> well. It's the first positive feature of the 7.1 version up to now IMHO.)
> Eilert
> John McCluskey schrieb:
> > I read this thread about initializing FPGA memory with some interest.
> > Well over a year ago, I asked the XST developers in Grenoble to add
> > support for File I/O during VHDL elaboration. This actually works in

> > 7.1! You can write a VHDL function that opens a file (using the TextIO
> > package), reads data out of it, and returns an array that can be used to
> > initialize a signal array that has memory inferred on it.

> -- snip
> -- sorry, needed to cut to old post

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