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Default Re: Storing a file onto FPGA (the last word)

Hi John,
....and I spent so much time with that nasty data2mem tool... :-(

But it's good to hear that an alternative and more straightforward
solution exists, even if it's limited to XILINX.

The bad thing is that it can't be taught in VHDL courses unless it is
supported by many (at least the important) tool vendors. Until then we
have to deal with questions like that of Robert.

I hope this feature finds it's way into VHDL 20xx and will be supported
by more tool vendors much earlier.

Thank you John for the information. (And to the XILINX programmers as
well. It's the first positive feature of the 7.1 version up to now IMHO.)


John McCluskey schrieb:
> I read this thread about initializing FPGA memory with some interest.
> Well over a year ago, I asked the XST developers in Grenoble to add
> support for File I/O during VHDL elaboration. This actually works in ISE
> 7.1! You can write a VHDL function that opens a file (using the TextIO
> package), reads data out of it, and returns an array that can be used to
> initialize a signal array that has memory inferred on it.

-- snip
-- sorry, needed to cut to old post
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