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Default Re: Storing a file onto FPGA

Thanks everybody for the help.

Ok, here's what I have figured out so far which I am planning to use.

1) I will generate the data in a text file using Python scripts.
2) Will probably write another script or use Matlab to convert this to
a .mem format which is readable by Xilinx.
3) Will use data2mem from command line to convert .mem file to either a
..bit file or .v file. I will first try with verilog file, which I will
then include into the project. The verilog file will contain the
initialization for the RAM. Later on, I am planning to just use
data2mem to generate .bit file, so that I can directly download it to
the FPGA. (The different web-pages on Xilinx talk about .elf file, but
as I don't have any code to write on the FPGA, but rather just some
data, I don't know whether I should be concerned about this or not)

Now, if I understand it correctly, these are the only steps required.
Is it necessary to do something about the RAM in the hardware design?
Like specifying where to store, the memory design etc?


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