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Ray Andraka
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Default Re: Storing a file onto FPGA

Symon wrote:

>Hi Ray,
>So, why isn't it better to use 'C'/'Matlab'/Perl to generate a .mem file
>that data2mem loads into the previously compiled .bit file? It still meets
>the 'you don't have to touch any of your design files' criterion, but saves
>a P&R each time you change the memory contents.
>Cheers, Syms.

It depends on your application, but if you need to simulate the design
with the data in the memories (as is usually the case if the data is
tables for DSP functions), data2mem is of no help. Data2mem is also one
more tool that has to be run on the design, which I've had trouble with
customers remembering to do if they go back and modify the design. The
point is, there are many ways to do this, and what is best really
depends on your situation.

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