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Subroto Datta
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Default Re: Quartus II 4.2 Incremental Systhesis

Hello Paul and Ben,

In Quartus II 4.2 you will need a license for your encrypted core so
that you can compile it successfully with Incremental Compilation. This
restriction will be removed in Quartus II 6.0.

Alternatively in Quartus II 5.0 if you do not have a license one can
use Incremental Compilation and set all PARTITION_SOURCE settings to
POST_SYNTHESIS for the core.

Hope this helps,
Subroto Datta
Altera Corp.

Ben Twijnstra wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> > I am currently using the evaluation open-core FIR compiler and NCO
> > compiler in the design and when I use these I am not able to perform
> > incremental synthesis. Does anyone know if you can perform incremental
> > synthesis with these cores once the cores are licensed? as synthesis steps
> > are taking upwards of 20-30 minutes at the moment and it is becoming quite
> > painful not having incremental systhesis.

> You _should_ be OK with the licensed cores as well. The only difference
> between the licensed and the unlicensed version is the Big Counter that
> will shut the core down after an hour.
> Better yet, in Quartus II 5.0 (out since June - why are you still on 4.2?)
> you should also be able to do incremental P&R of your design.
> This last bit may or may not cost you a bit of performance as the design
> optimization is hindered by the fitting boundaries, but it should save you
> loads of time between iterations.
> Best regards,
> Ben

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