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Default Wrong type name (subtitution) in post-place & route simulation model.

Hi All.

Having a module with input signal of my own type,
described in package (which is simply
"type MYTYPE is array in 0 to n of std_logic_vector(k downto 0)"),
i am facing the following problem: in post-place&route(PPR) model
this type is substituted on "std_logic_vector2(n downto,k downto 0)" :-/
so ModelSim obviously argues "Default binding had errors for entity
"my_comp" on the component declaration".
I generate the model in ISE 6.3

Sorry if the question is stupid, but is there any way to fix such
situation rather than manually change
the PPR model file. As I can see my package is simply ignored.

Thank you for help.
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