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David Collier
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Default Xilinx design process....

OK. I tied asking some of this stuff before, but didn't seem to get any
full answers... so I'll try to revisit.

If there's a Xilinx-support-site or system I should be using instead, then
do, please, refer me to it.

I'm messing about with 9536 and friends. Real simple PLD stuff.

Xilinx/Cadence supplied a sort of library of "things" which could be used
to make up 9536 circuits in Orcad. It puzzled the hell out of me, because
some of them would compile for the 9536, and some wouldn't. After much
reading, I've separated it into 2 libraries. One is basic primitives which
work on all Xilinx PLDs, the other is macros which work on the 95xx
family. I had to fillet out and dump those objects which were for other
PLD series, but I think I'm there now.

If anyone wants the OrCAD libs, email me as davidc at Dexdyne dawt com

So I can draw Orcad ccts, create edif files, plug the edif into the
project in the ISE, and program my devices by JTAG. All pretty slick.

But I haven't an idea in hell how to simulate the thing. I've used the
Altera IDE, where there is a nice simple simulator, and it's all part of
the IDE, and it took me a very short time to get to grips with. But Xilinx
seems to have decided not to write their own, but bundle someone else's.

I understand I have to put the results into the ModelSim stuff, which
seems to be capable of doing way more complex things than I'm every going
to try this year, but it is very fierce fo9r a newbie to try to use on a
simple 36 cell PLD.
It doesn't seem to be integrated into the ISE, and I can't for the life of
me work out how to point it at my simple 9536 design, and waggle a few
inputs .... Would anyone be able to work though it with me? I'd be happy
to email them the Orcad ccts and the output files generated by the ISE.

I think I'd have been OK if I put the design into the integrated
schematic, but importing EDIFs seems to have confused it, or me.


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