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Vaughn Betz
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Default How to explicitly call out cell elements in Altera Stratix (Follow-up)

The original post expired before I answered, so the original question
is included below.

Hi Jon,

Sorry I didn't follow up to your post -- I was on vacation, and now
google won't let me post a follow up (guess it expired).

I've posted a follow-up now. This data is inside the QUIP
documentation. Go to
to download it.

The information on how to directly instantiate Stratix or Cyclone
logic cells in any legal mode is in the stratix_wysuser_doc.pdf
document. You can instatitate these primitives directly in verilog or
VHDL files.



================================================== =========
From: J.Ho ([email protected])
Subject: How to explicitly call out cell elements in Altera Stratix?
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Newsgroups: comp.arch.fpga
Date: 2003-12-05 17:31:30 PST

Hi all,

In Xilinx Virtex world, each element in the logic cell has a name and
can be explicitly instanstiated, such as "muxcy_l" etc... Is there a
way to do the same thing for the Altera Stratix device?

In Xilinx data sheet all those cell elements has a name associated
with it in the figure, so it made it easy to know which element to
call up from the virtex library in the synthesis tool. I can't find
any reference in the Altera document however, so just by inspecting
the stratix hdl technology/timing model library I can't be sure which
carry mux is which in the logic element.

Would someone who had hand massage the code with technology elements
share their method or the reference material from the vendor?


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