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Default Re: Xilinx Logicore PCI64 Problem

Thanks for all your replies.


Mark Schellhorn <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>. ..
> It sounds like either:
> a) You have changed one or more instance names within the design hierarchy so
> that the paths 'PCI_CORE/PCI_LC/PCI-AD64/IO31/OFD' etc. are not valid, or

No, I have not modify the core's vhd files at all. In fact, take this
example above, the instance PCI-AD64 does not even exists. The "higher"
hierarchy instances - PCI_CORE/PCI_LC/ are correct. What I found is
an instance named PCI_AD64_IO31_OFD of a xilinx macro called X_FF
used under the component PCI_LC.

> b) You have allowed the synthesis tool to change the design hierarchy by
> flattening or grouping modules.
> In my design I used the keep_hierachy XST synthesis attribute to tell XST to
> leave the PCI core hierarchy alone when flattening my logic. I also did a
> search/replace on the UCF file to change some instance names in the path so that
> they match the instance names I wanted to use in my design.
> Mark

May be I should try XST first, using the ping example,
as suggested by Xilinx.


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