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PO Laprise
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Default Re: Net name convention for Xilinx UCF files.

One Day & A Knight wrote:

> I do remember there is a document said all the names and definitions in the
> source code will
> remain unchanged, but how come it doesn't in my case.
> In the source code, there is no simple *u_testctrl?clk36_pll_o. All I found
> from the ngd2ver is a
> totally new definition u_testctrl/Mmux_clk36_pll_o_Result1_1. This is quite
> strange to me.

In my experience, the synthesis tools do a relatively good job of
keeping the net names, or something very close, but sometimes it just
isn't possible. Often, some nets are duplicates of other nets,
optimized out, merged, or G knows what else... Try to follow the
netlist logic to see whether this is truly the net that you want (you
should be able to tell by examining the other nets that join it to form
logic functions). Personally, I use X's constraints editor initially to
find the net, and then edit my UCF manually or with scripts. The
synthesis tools rarely cause me problems by spuriously changing net
names on me on subsequent syntheses barring major changes in my code.


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