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Joonas Timo Taavetti Kekoni
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Default Re: Reverse engineering an EDIF file?

In comp.lang.vhdl Jim Lewis <[email protected]> wrote:
: You would be better off working with a good legal agreement
: and people who you can trust to abide by it.

One does not really make an agreement over a deadline.
It is just sometimes easier to uncompile things, providing this
is possible. (If you are talking only about bying a licence,
this should be quick providing you can arrange the money quickly.)

I have been working over a project that the technical person
claims that the bug does not exists or it was fixed a long time ago,
(do not remember anymore which one ) despite we had showed wery clearly
that the big is there. (In reality the bug has been fixed on a subsequent,
but incompatible release of the program, which was not compatible
with out software at that time.)

We send the uncompiled file to that person, with exlanation what happens,
when why. ... The fix got into the next sevice release.

We were not major client, they would most likely been more
likely to lose us, that to give out sourcecode to debug a bug
"which is not there".

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