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Tom Hawkins
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Default Inferring Dual Port Block RAM

Is it possible to infer a dual port block RAM
when the ports have different memory dimensions?

Say port A has address and data width of 8 and 8,
while port B has address and data with of 9 and 4,
for instance.

Instead of using a 2 dimensional array, one could
define one long array then do appropriate
bit selection off the 1D array for addressing:

reg [0:2047] memory; // 256x8 or 512x4.

Port A Addressing (pseudo code):

memory[addr_a * 8 : addr_a * 8 + 7]
// Invalid Verilog, I know.

Port B Addressing:

memory[addr_b * 9 : addr_b * 9 + 3]

Or another, more Verilog friendly way, would be to
use a 2D array with the data as the least common denominator:

reg [3:0] memory [0:512]; // 512x4

Port A Addressing:

{memory[{addr_a, 1b'0}], memory[{addr_a, 1b'1}]}

Port B Addressing:


Has anyone had success inferring asymmetric dual-port
block ram?


Tom Hawkins
Launchbird Design Systems, Inc.
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