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Old 10-30-2003, 03:55 PM
Morten Leikvoll
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Default comparison of FPGA tools?

I am looking for new tools for FPGA development and wonder if someone has a
comparison of different tools available (everything needed from source to
bit configuration code)
I like to combine schematics for rough block diagrams and macros for more
schematics, VHDL and/or 'C' based language synthesis.
I have mainly used the old Xilinx Foundation package (It is still OK but not
longer supported) and I have tried the ISE tool but don't like the schematic
drawing part.
For Xilinx FPGA's, does there exist more than xilinx's own place & router?
Are there any 3rd party more effective PAR tools?
I also want to compare prices.

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