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Default Modeling hardware in Matlab/Simulink (delay, etc.)?

Hello all,

I need some guidedance on how to go about modeling an algorithm before I
design it into an FPGA.

I'd like to use Matlab to run the simulation. Instead of just sanity
check, I also need to optimize the size (# of bits) of several
parameters. It'll be a balance act between # of bits (hence, FPGA
performance) and precision of the algorithm output. FPGA needs to run
150+Mhz, and the parameter sizes may end up being somewhat of an odd
size (48? 56?), perhaps up to 64. The algorithm is made up of mostly
adders and delay elements.

So far, it looks like I need to use Simulink with Fixed-point blockset.
Is that sufficient, or is there a better way to do this? I've been
reading previous posts in different places, and it sounds like modeling
delay isn't as easy as it should be. Is that true? I was able to use
'Triggered subsystem' to model a FF without much problem, but then it
was for a very simple single bit data path.

I'd appreciate any input, feedback, insight, suggestion. I'm sending
this to VHDL/Verilog newsgroups for a wider audience.

Please replace 'hard' with 'easy' in my email addr, if replying via


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