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Default program a Lattice MACH211

I need to program an obsolete Lattice component, the MACH211-15JC.
I would like to do this with the software tool ispLEVER v3.0
Problem is that I cannot select that device out of the list with the
available devices.

In ispLEVER I can choose for the MACH211SP, but (in my case) I can't
use it.
The MACH211SP is ISP and there are pin 13 and 35 (and another few)
reserved for JTAG configuration.

I need absolutely to program the MACH211-15JC because I have to
reprogram the device which is used in an older hardware application.
And of course, I need pin 13 and 35 as input ports.

So question is, which device do I have to select, or are there some
files which I have to install to make the device available in the

So if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it very well.
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