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Joe Chisolm
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Default Re: USB 1.1/2.0 Implementation

SneakerNet wrote:

> Hi Ken
> Thanks for the important tip. I'll give that a shot. (so there is no way u
> can send me driver? all i need is a driver with vendor id = 0c91 and
> product id = 2001).
> Anyway like u mentioned, very big pity that the guys didn't include
> drivers and they gave their whole vhdl code free. Pity!
> Hope god has mercy on my soul while i'm doing usb driver.. LOL
> Thanks Ken
> Kind Regards


You might look for a book by the title (I think) "UBS made easy" or
something like that. My copy must be packed away. It had a lot of
info on Windows drivers and included several VB examples on the CD.
If I can find the book I'll post the ISBN but I remember I got it
from Amazon.

Joe Chisolm - Arizona

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