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Vaughn Betz
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"Eduard Nikke" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
> Hi,
> Can someone help me with this issue.
> I am looking to build a serialer in a FPGA.
> Base frequence is 72MHz - 7 bits serialiser - so I need a LVDS frequence of
> 504MBps.
> I thought this wat not possible in a Cyclone device but just reads the app.
> note and it seems to be possible.
> I have only some strong concerns because there is no timing budget and the
> IOB are not DDR IOB blocks.
> Does any one has experience with this app. note ?
> Thanks,
> Eduard

Hi Eduard,

I believe you are referring to app note:

What it says is correct -- Cyclone can do 640 Mb/s LVDS. More
specifically, the -6 and -7 speed grades are characterized
(guaranteed) to do 640 Mb/s LVDS, while the -8 (slowest) is only
currently characterized for up to 550 Mb/s LVDS.


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