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David Brown
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Default Re: ANNOUNCE:-- TimingAnalyzer Free Version -- Draw timing diagrams

rickman wrote:
> On Jun 5, 9:14 am, Brian Drummond <[email protected]>
> wrote:
>> On Wed, 4 Jun 2008 12:44:03 -0700 (PDT), rickman <[email protected]>
>> wrote:

>>> I spent about 5 minutes working with this program before I gave up.
>>> My reason is not the problem posted below, but because of the user
>>> interface decisions made. I don't know why every new program has to
>>> reinvent something about the user interface. There is a standard call
>>> Common User Interface (CUI) that is even documented by Microsoft,
>>> IIRC.

>> Do you work in the NHS, or for one of their equipment suppliers?
>> All the CUI references (including to be
>> associated with the health care sector.

> I have no idea what you are talking about... I am an electronic
> design engineer and have never worked in the health care sector. What
> exactly is NHS? Is that a government agency or a company? BTW, I
> typoed above "call" should have been "called". CUI is a windows
> standard as far as I know. I guess maybe it is more general, but I
> have only heard the term used in the context of Windows.

I'm guessing (from your time zone) that you're in the USA.

The "NHS" is the British "National Health Service". To people from the
UK, "medical", "health care", and "NHS" are synonymous - the private
health care is a very small minority there (mostly for people who want
to pay for comfier beds and better food, or vanity surgery).
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