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Jim Granville
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Default Re: ANNOUNCE:-- TimingAnalyzer Free Version -- Draw timing diagrams

rickman wrote:
> Doesn't Microsoft provide a CUI for Windows? If nothing else, all you
> have to do is fire up most *any* program to learn how mouse clicks
> work to select items. Having the default action of a click to be
> "adding" items to the selection is a new twist. Most programs use
> Cntl-Left Click to cumulatively select items (or often to unselect
> them too). Unselection is typically done by clicking on *anything*
> else including nothing.

Yes, certainly the common EDA/CAD model is Click Selects, and ^Click
toggles the Selected flag on eash item. So you can add/delete
at will, from a selected set.

Some systems also then allow right-click Combine into a Group/Block.

> So if I click on object A and then click on
> object B and drag, I would not expect object A to be dragged along
> with B. This happened to me with this program. Object A was dragged
> off the view and the undo didn't work. I couldn't find a way to
> expand the view, so I ended up with a drawing that had things in it
> that I couldn't delete or see.

Better pgms have a Zoom Extents, to cover this type of problem.

> I ended up closing the program (partly
> out of frustration and partly out of time constraints) and let it save
> the file. I tried to start the program up again and it would not
> run. The author says the drawing file is now corrupt. When the
> program auto-opens it on startup, it crashes.

If this is easily reproduced, it should also be easy to fix.


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