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Robert Miles
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Default Re: ANNOUNCE:-- TimingAnalyzer Free Version -- Draw timing diagrams

"rickman" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]m...
> Independant of the UI issues, a program really shouldn't crash when it
> reads a data file... of any nature. Of course that is a theoretical
> goal and can be difficult to achieve in practice. But certainly
> crashing on startup without visible error messages is not a good thing
> either. I had to start it from a DOS box to get anything useful from
> it... maybe that is more of a Java issue... and don't get me started
> complaining about Java. Does *anything* written in Java actually
> work?

I suggest that any program for Windows Vista that uses Java should
start with a check to see if Java is even installed, and if so, whether
the version installed is suitable for what the program needs. My version
of Vista came without Java, and the Microsoft version is no longer
available. I installed the Sun version, but still have problems with
all the programs that use Java to run correctly.

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