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Andy Peters
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Default Re: ANNOUNCE:-- TimingAnalyzer Free Version -- Draw timing diagrams

On Jun 2, 5:58 am, timinganalyzer <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hello All,
> The TimingAnalyzer can be used to quickly and easily draw timing
> diagrams.
> Signals, clocks, buses, delays, constraints, and states are easily
> added
> from the GUI.
> It can also be used to quickly do a timing analysis and check for
> timing faults. Minimum, typical, and worst case analysis can be
> performed.
> Delays and constraints are easily specified and changed to see if
> faster
> clocks or slower parts can be used without any timing faults.
> There are 3 editions planned. The Free Edition(FE), the Standard
> Edition(SE),
> and the Professional Edition(PE).
> You can download the Free Edition now and read all about the
> TimingAnalyzer at:
> Comments and feedback are welcome at
> [email protected]

Hey, it's back!

It's good to see that this hasn't died. The commercial alternatives
are WAAAAAY too expensive.

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