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Default variable clock frequency generation issue

Hi there,

I am working with a verilog behavioral model of a variable frequency
The model has two parts. The first part, through a series of case
statements selects the period
of the output clock signal. The second part of the model the
the clock signal using the newly defined clock period.

Hence the second part looks similar to:
#(half_period) clk_sig <= ~clk_sig;

The "half_period" term is a "real" quantity and its
value is decided by a set of case statements of inputs
to the block. I am using a real as the half_period is often assigned
very large decimal values with fractional components.

I wish that once the half_period value is updated, that the
clock signal generation code in the always block uses this new value
immediately. However, I
am finding that the clk_sig waveform does not use a new
value of half_period until the previous value of half_period has
elapsed in the timing waveform.

Can anybody suggest what how I should correct this and
ensure that the "always" block will instantaneously pick-up
the new value of the "half_period"?

I have tried using $realtobits on the half_period and using
the resulting wire in a sensitivity list on the always statement
but this does not work.

Thanks in advance


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