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Mike Lewis
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Default Re: inferring a dual port memory

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>> Right. I am working on an ASIC target. My tools are Physical Compiler
>> and a 130nm process. I tried before I posted my question. It just
>> didn't provide what I need. Can you tell me what to look at when it
>> infers cells?
>> Thanks a lot

> I can't, perhaps someone else can.
> The Physical Compiler documentation may include specific documentation on
> inferring memories. It's important enough in my FPGA work that the
> synthesis tools I work with have several pages dedicated to memory
> inference. It may be that you need to instantiate dual ports in this
> tool. It may be that you need to have two versions of the address to get
> the synthesis to recognize it as two ports rather than a malformed single
> port memory; this was a problem for another poster recently. If you can't
> find documentation, try the technical support you're already paying dearly
> for.

In the ASIC world you have to instantiate the specific memory block that you
want to use. The sysnthesizer won't infer a memory ... it will just create


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