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Default Re: inferring a dual port memory

"Verictor" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi,
> I try to infer a dual port RAM after synthesis. DesignWare maybe a
> good candidate doing this but I have never used it before. So if
> someone who had applied it before can provide a very simple example
> that would be very helpful.
> My dual port RAM model is described in the following pseudo code
> (detail skipped)
> always @(posedge clock) begin : read
> Temp_reg <= memory[address];
> end
> always @(negedge clock) begin: write
> memory[address] <= Temp_reg;
> end
> Thanks

As long as the address is a registered value, synthesizers such as
SynplifyPro will infer the dual-port for an FPGA target.

If you're working with an ASIC target, it is very specific to your tool set
and target silicon as far as what infers, what doesn't, and how.

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