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Default Using Hyper Terminal to send& capture data

Hi all
Thanks advance for the help given to me. Hopefully you all can help me
in the trouble I face which I had tried many times, but still fail.

I am using the Hyper Terminal to send and capture the data to the UART
module. The UART module has been downloaded to the Xilinx Spartan 3
FPGA, and the DB9 connector on the Spartan 3 prototyping board is
connected to the DB9 connector in the computer.

I tried to feed the module with the data of 01010101 by typing it on
the screen of the Hyper Terminal program. However, it doesnot show
anything on the screen. Is that the way I did to feed the data to the
UART module wrong? Can someone tell me the right way to feed the UART
with data by using the Hyper Terminal? How about the way to capture the
data comes from the UART module?Can it be the process of sending and
receiving the data going on simultaneously?

Besides, am i need to tune the freqeuncy on the Spartan 3 prototyping
board to match the frequecy of the clock signal used for the UART

Thanks advance

Best regards,

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