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Default Re: Declaring an output as 'not connected'

Joe wrote:
> When I instantiate a module and leave one of its output non connected,
> I get a warning complaining that the output was left open (I am using
> Xilinx ISE 8.1i).
> Is there a way (or a trick) to declare in Verilog that a certain output
> port is intentionally not connected? (and by that, avoiding the warning
> message).
> Thanks,
> Joe

Reply : Ramakrishna
It is obvious that any simulater will flag a warning message if any of
o/p is kept open(i.e., output is floating).

You have an option for filtering the Messages. for example: if you are
ncverilog as a simulator then you need to pass the filter constraint
throgh the
Command line like +nowarn< argument >, here argument is the header of
meassge (warning).


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