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Kim Enkovaara
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Default Re: How do I make dual-port RAM from single port RAM?

Peter Alfke wrote:
> Sounds like a powerful FPGA argument:
> Ifyou really need a true dual-port memory (read and write from either
> or both ports simultaneously), you are out-of-luck in the ASIC world,
> but you can do this just fine in FPGAs.
> Nice to know we have such an edge...

That is completely dependent on the ASIC libraries. In FPGA you are out of
luck with higer amount of ports that are available in some ASIC libraries.
For example in the ASIC library I use there are: single port, 1 read 1 write,
dual port and 4-port memories. And then different versions of those
(density, power, speed).

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