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Default Re: How do I make dual-port RAM from single port RAM?

Yes, Ulf's solution gives full dual-port functionality for arbitrary
addresses (though of course you have to decide which port gets the last
word in case of simultaneous writes to the same address, as with any
dual-port memory).

But with your small word size of 6 bits, this may not be
cost-effective. The VALID_BIT array requires similar logic to a
1-bit-wide dual-port memory (not quite the same, since port 0 always
writes a value of 0 and port 1 always writes a value of 1). So you
have to design something close to a 130*1bit dual-port memory out of
flip-flops and logic, and use that with four 130*6bit RAMs (or two
130*6bit dual-read/single-write RAMs, since you indicated you have
those). You might be as well off to design a 130*6bit dual-port memory
from flip-flops and logic.

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